Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip Rated #1 by ATK!

Roses-Heavenly-Cake-Strip-thumb-480x210-1127.jpgRose Levy Beranbaum Bakeware Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip, Silicone If you click on this red link above it will take you to Amazon where they are available for purchase. My friend Mike Quinlan of Nordic Ware just gave me the great news that The Best of America's Test Kitchen - Best Recipes & Reviews 2012" issue (page 94), listed my Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip as their "the best strip." They also mentioned that its one downfall is that it will not fit larger pans (it will fit a 10-inch pan) so I should add that they can be connected easily using silicone loops that are also great for myriad kitchen activities such as trussing a chicken, and replacing the usual string for wrapping roasts.