Borrowing a Cup of Sugar from a Neighbor

402202_10150755688423574_111752518573_12416961_717857500_n.jpgAnd what a neighbor! Ron Ben Israel, who is arguably the most renowned cake decorating artist of the country if not the world, has his workshop a mere 4 blocks away from my dwelling. So when I discovered I was down to only about 4 cups of superfine sugar I put in a call to my friend Ron. I used to buy sugar from Domino Sugar in Queens in 100 pound sacks when my father was able to drive out there and pick one up for me. More recently, Woody has been bringing 30 pounds of superfine sugar on his visits from Minnesota, having to explain each time to airport security that yes! They do have sugar in New York City but Rose requires superfine which is available in supermarkets only in 1 pound boxes and she doesn't like to have to open dozens of them. My husband was unable to bring the car the day that I scheduled my sugar pickup, so I wheeled over my largest suitcase. Of course I had to bring a piece of the cake du jour which happened to be the Lemon Poppy Seed Wedding Cake from the upcoming book. Tradition dictates that whenever I visit Ron, his wonderful assistant Rebecca takes a photo or two. Here's the one of me feeding Ron the cake. I suggested that he put me on one of his Food Network shows as our repartee is predictably hilarious! 422398_10150755688318574_111752518573_12416960_378937202_n.jpg