Baking Bible Book Production Phase 3

It's been six months since I last posted about book production. I had forgotten all about it because I was that busy doing it!DSC03259.jpg Since the last posting, there are now 130 recipes all of which have been tested many times by both Woody and me. Marie Wolf is once again masterminding the group, formerly called the Heavenly Bakers, and now called the Beta Bakers (Marie's clever name). They have completed the 25 recipes that we've sent for testing, evaluating, and fine tuning. It is always a thrill to see each rendition and read each report. Woody and I have finished with the read through. This is the first time I am doing it but I realized that it is desirable to read the entire text out loud in order to hit on a compromise between the written and spoken word. Along the way we've discovered enumerable inconsistencies and some errors that normally a copy editor would find but no copy editor could possibly find all of them in this complex a book so this gives us a real head start on the road to perfection. The greatest challenge is having four major subject matters to unify: cakes, pies and pastry, cookies, and bread. They are all related on some levels but each has it's own distinctive language and we are always striving for more clarity to make it easier for others to follow. The next phase is integrating all the notes from the beta bakers. Then all the separate documents have to be compiled carefully into the separate chapters as single documents. Then comes the massive global changes that have to be made one-at-a-time as there are so many exceptions to the rules. Only five months remain until the entire manuscript is due at the publishers, including all what is known as the front material (table of contents, sources, ingredients, equipment, and chapter openers). We have also completed all of these but it will be necessary to fact check all the sources. Then starts the massive production of editing, copyediting, photography, design and layout, and proof editing until finally, around June of 2015, the book goes to press. Whew! But we're not there yet. Woody and I are hugely excited about the new recipes, both visually and gustatorially and we can't wait to share them all with all of you and to make them again, ourselves, this time just for the pure pleasure of it.