Baking Bible Book Production Phase 4

This is the tears in the eyes moment in book production when the individual recipe documents are merged together in chapters to form a book. One by one I inserted each document into a master document with Woody on the phone double checking that we were choosing the most up-to-date version. Finally, with all in place, we counted 133 recipes and about 700 pages of single spaced text with double spacing between paragraphs which will help to shrink it a bit when formatted in the final version. This is going to be a big book, but then, the publisher, Natalie Chapman, encouraged and inspired me to write a "baking bible"! The next step is for Woody and me to integrate all the global changes that came up during proof reading, one at a time as it is far too risky to do a global change throughout the whole document--there are always exceptions to the rule. This will take about a week. Then we will go through each recipe chart and recipe to triple check all the numbers: the volume, ounces and grams. This will take at least two weeks. Finally we will integrate notes from the Beta Bakers who are testing about 10 more recipes. And I will be delivering the disc to the publisher on March 11 when major production will begin. Woody and I have been discussing the cover. In a recent conversation I posed the question of what could exemplify baking best as no one thing such as a cake, pie, cookie, pastry or bread tells the whole story, and a collage of them lacks impact. Woody came up with the following shocking response: "There is only one thing that exemplifies all of baking." My response: "What could that possibly be?" Woody's answer:"You!" Your vote is welcome!