Modern Art Desserts Launch Party

Cherry_Blossoms.jpgOn the way to the book party I saw proof that Spring has indeed arrived! The weeping cherry trees across the street have never been more ethereally beautiful. And never have I seen a larger turn out for a first book. Caitlin and her wonderful husband James Freeman, of Blue Bottle Coffee, brought a dozen Mondrian cakes--the image that graces the cover of the book . Though baked three days before, in San Francisco, they were perfectly moist and exquisitely beautiful. The Cava accompaniment was lovely. Mondrian_Cakes.jpg I invited my friend Eunice Choi, pictured at left, whom I first met at a Kitchen Aid event in Michigan 3 years ago when she was my prep assistant. She's now working as a special event planner for Food and Wine magazine. Image.jpg Caitlin spoke eloquently and sincerely about her background and how the book came to be written. And she signed a whole pile of books, embossing them with a specially designed message of encouragement: "You can make the Mondrian!" I predict that this book will be the launching pad for a future of myriad possibilities for the uber talented Caitlin Williams Freeman.