And the Winner of the Frothers Is:

Aerolatte-Grand-Hot-Frothing-Jug.jpgI must have tried every new electric corded milk frother on the market but now my search for the perfect frother is over. My favorite handheld model, the Aerolatte, has long been my top choice for traveling. (I once had to explain to airport security what it was used for and that it was not a weapon.) So when I discovered recently that the Aerolatte company is now also producing a corded model I suspected it would be the ultimate for home use. Not only does the Aerolatte Grande Hot Frothing Jug produce the most velvety milk froth for my cappuccino, it also does it the most quickly (and who wants to wait a moment longer than necessary when the desire for coffee hits!) HIC Brands that Cook Aerolatte Stainless Steel Compact Hot Frothing Jug, 11-1/2-Ounce There's an added bonus to the foamed milk. There is always a tiny bit of caramelized milk in the froth. It reminds me of the crust at the bottom of a rice cooker which, at first, I thought was a flaw but soon learned that it is a treasure. The little bit of caramelized milk is now something which I look forward to when enjoying my cappuccini!