Please Save Pino's

I have been shopping at Pino's Butcher Shop for close to 50 years (hard to believe). I have watched his young sons grow up to be part of the family business, have learned to speak a little Sicilian Italian, and even have my photo in a place of honor on the wall (over the pig and next to Christ).Though we just moved to New Jersey, my husband still shops for me at Pino's on his weekly visits to the city. This neighborhood gem risks being lost and though I've never asked anyone to sign a petition before, my heart goes out to the Cinquemani and to the city of my birth. So if you can take just a few seconds to click on this link and sign the petition to keep Pino's in place I would be very grateful. If you have a few extra minutes, read through the site and you will learn some interesting things about the history of the place.