The Top Ten Pastry Chefs Event Turned Twenty!

Although it took place on June 3, shortly before my move from New York, I wouldn't have missed this delicious fun event for the world! Not only is it a chance to meet the top ten honorees, it also is a rare opportunity to be reacquainted with many of my best friends from the dessert world.This annual event is sponsored by Dessert Professional magazine and was presented by E. Guittard Chocolate, and KitchenAid. I began with a tasting of Guittard's newest collection of chocolate and was blown away by the single origin Hawaiian milk chocolate--one of the smoothest and most delicious milk chocolates ever. It has a higher than usual cacao percentage so it is a bit less sweet than usual. I was also very impressed by the Etienne Baking Bars: the 64% semisweet, the 70% bittersweet, and the 100% unsweetened. The 70% is so well balanced it is delicious to eat just by itself. The chocolates are available on chocosphere. The baking bars will be available on this site late August but are on the Guittard site now.) After the award ceremony, each honoree presented one or more signature desserts. This year my favorite was offered by one of my very favorite pastry chefs: Nancy Olson. The complex elements were a study in harmonious perfection: peanutbutter semifreddo, chocolate macaron, salted caramel, and hot fudge. Top-10-Niko-Triantafillou-Olsen-outs-2.jpg Photo Credit: Niko Triantafillou Dessertbuzz/Serious Eats NY But seeing lovely Nancy turned out to be a bit bittersweet as she confided in me that she would be leaving her 7 year post as pastry chef at New York's Grammercy Tavern. And just a few weeks later, Nancy and I both moved from New York. She has now returned to her home town in South Dakota. You should be hearing great things about her new ventures in the near future. NANCY OLSON.jpg Photo Credit: Niko Triantafillou Dessertbuzz/Serious Eats NY