Hector Wong's Debut as an E-Book Writer

HECTOR.jpgThe inimitable Hector Wong has combined five of his exceptional skils: IT, photography, Spanish translation, and cake baking and cake decorating, to produce his first cookbook: Cheesecakes. In the words of Hector: It is to my delight pleasure to share with you, that I have my first cookbook on the market: Cheesecakes by Hector Wong. It is an iTunes iPad exclusive. Click here to buy the book. The book is available in 51 countries, and includes Spanish translations embedded as a pop up button. Enjoy what I have to say about Cheesecakes, and how I wrote the ingredients measures and instructions. This ebook includes instant and free updates for the few errors it may contain, or for additional photos and multimedia I add as I bake with it over and over again. If you are in Hawaii please attend the following events (the first event is for media professionals only) All events held at Cook Space Hawaii, in Ward Warehouse, Honolulu. All events include cheesecake to eat. 1- August 29th, Thursday, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Book media event (for media professionals only). Hector will talk story about the processes of recipe inspiration, recipe writing, and recipe testing. He will also demonstrate the computer tools used to create the book and how social media and instant updates changed cookbook publishing for the benefit of the reader. 2- September 1st, Sunday, 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Cheesecake Perfection! class. Hector Wong shares his secrets for making the perfect cheesecake. This class will focus on technique and skills for making three basic cheesecake crusts and batters. Learn to make a cookie crust, crushed nut crust and sponge cake base and three types of batters: basic sour cream, fruit jams and a no-bake batter. Students will make their own tart sized cheesecake to bring home. Click here for more info. 3- September 15th, Sunday, 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Spanish Flantastic class. A rich custard made with eggs, milk and sugar, flan is Spain's most famous dessert. Hector Wong shares his family's treasured recipe for making a classic flan and the recipes he perfected for making flan brulee, coconut flan and flan with fresh fruit. Hector is currently working on a flan cookbook and will share his insights and experiences on recipe testing and development. Click here for more info.