Move Over Little Whisk

AEROLATTE_CHEF.jpgWhen I travel to do demos, the two indispensable pieces of equipment i pack in my carryon, which go through airport security without a hitch, are a small metal spatula and a small whisk. I rarely find either one in demo kitchens and I find it hard to bake without them. Enter the Aerolatte Chef, my new magic wand. I discovered the Aerolatte several years ago and found it to be the ideal milk foamer for cappuccino. More recently, I discovered that it was also ideal for whipping a small amount of heavy cream. When the cream would be whipped to stiff peaks the aerolatte's motor would come to a full stop. But I just discovered the Aerolatte Chef with its variable speed. Not only can it start on low, It is more powerful so that it doesn't stop whisking until you stop pressing the switch. It is also ideal for whipping small amounts of egg white--always a difficult task even with a whisk. Now I reach for it for recipes where I write egg, lightly beaten. And now I'll be able to make a one egg white Italian Meringue with ease. Here's the link: Aerolatte Variable Speed Chef's Frother and Mini Kitchen Whisk