My Favorite 7 Inch Mini Pie Plate

Pic1.jpgRecently, Melinda from Mississippi posted a question on the blog about how to use my mini pie plates. She was concerned that they appeared so shallow. My answer was that I found it was a lovely proportion of crust to filling when I baked in it and posted the following notes: Roll the dough under 1/8" thick. i used about 100 grams/3.5 ounces and rolled it to 9 inches. I used 1/4 recipe of my cherry pie and found it needed more so I recommend 1 cup of fruit filling. Here are her lovely results! My only suggestion was to roll the crust a little larger to allow for shrinkage. Pic2.jpg Pic3.jpg Pic4.jpg Rose Levy Bakeware Pie Plate - Mini 7 Inch - Fluted - Red