Happy Thanksgiving!

CRANBERRY.jpgThree weeks of prepping and two weeks night and day and 115 photos later, we have completed the photo section for the upcoming The Baking Bible. And just this week we have finished the copy editing. Now we are eagerly awaiting the laid out book pages for proofing. Thanksgiving will be a huge assortment of side dishes and the traditional two turkeys at cousins Marion and Marty Bush--one roasted and the other smoked by their daughter Alexandra and husband Rob Kaufer. (They smoke it in the back yard over hard wood, rain or shine. My vote is for the roasted turkey skin and the moist smoked breast, and tradition dictates that I get one of the tails.) Cousin Alison Butterfass Zagat took over the apple pie baking from her mom Sue several years ago, and brings the delicious multi-variety apple pie, sister Ariel Butterfass brings a special cookie (my favorite was the lemon cranberry bars that inspired a tart in my upcoming book) and this year Woody and I are making the Cranraspberry Upside Down Cake pictured above, also from the upcoming book. Like many Americans, this is my favorite holiday of the year as, though the traffic is horrendous on the way to White Plains, it is such a joy to see the family and enjoy our traditional fare. We wish you the happieset and most delicious of holidays!