Baking Bible Book Production Phase 12

Proofing the First PassThis phase of production began with the arrival of the laid out pages which represent the final design complete with photos. Unfortunately, due to extreme weather conditions, UPS was unable to navigate the icy mountain roads but that didn't stop Woody and me from chasing the driver down to the nearest large town. We lost no time in beginning the proofing process, checking the copy edited pages against the laid out pages to ensure that all the changes were implemented. OUR_EDITS.jpg The inputting was excellent but upon seeing the clean copy, things that required finer tuning virtually leapt off the pages. For example, on the charts, when an ingredient weighed 29 grams followed by one that weighed 28 grams it looked odd that both were 1 ounce. This is the result of the higher exactitude of the metric system and need for rounding off ounces, as much as possible, to the nearest whole number. We decided to have the grams for both ingredients read the same so it wouldn't look odd or like a mistake. This wouldn't make any difference for most ingredients, but when it comes to minute ingredients such as yeast or baking powder it would make a great difference. Of course any change affects the entire rest of the 500 plus unwieldy legal-size pages. This took many hours and days. We worked from sun up to sun down, enjoying beautiful sunsets as our reward. SUNSET.jpg We were overjoyed to discover, now that the pages were laid out, that there was room to put back some of the recipes that we thought had to be cut. One of them, we felt, needed a retest. Here's a photo of Woody, digging through two feet of snow to get to the silicone pan we needed for the test, that was buried in the little storage house nearby. Woody.jpg Another reward was this fabulous 10 layer lasagna, recipe compliments of Hector Wong. It took us 6 hours from start to finish, layering almost transparent thin home-made noodles, and two sauces, cheeses, and miniature sausage balls which were Elliott's request, but it gave us a much needed break. SUSTENANCE.jpg

Next came one of the truly most tedious aspects of cookbook production: entering the over 300 cross references and see notes pages. (This is where the reader is directed to another page in the book.) At this point, the manuscript simply reads (see page 00) or (see Notes, page 00/TK) What makes this so difficult is that there are usually several possibilities and we had to reevaluate exactly which one would be the best choice. CROSSREFS.jpg Finally came the day when we could have UPS pick up the packaged pages. But first we had to take any of the pages with changes to a photo copier to avoid the risk of devastating loss. UPS.jpg You can see the relief and happiness in my face but don't think it's over yet! Next came the pdf laid out pages from master proofer Matthew Boyer. He made innumerable and invaluable suggestions and comments. There's nothing like new sharp eyes and mind, and a person with great baking expertise, to bring important new considerations to light. Matthew also made and took a photo of every recipe in The Bread Bible and gave permission to post it on the blog). His contribution adds immeasurably to the value of our work. For this phase I read Matthew's comments, while Woody looked at our edited pages. We would then mark any revisions on the pages and enter them on the pdf laid out pages. The final part of this phase was going over the many changes with editor Stephanie Fletcher who had also reviewed everything with a fine-tooth comb. And now comes Phase 13, the second pass which is the final phase before the book is shipped for printing at which point we always say "Thank goodness it's out of our hands," immediately followed by: "OMG it's out of our hands!"