A Special Wedding Cake Part 2

After safely storing the cake in the refrigerator at the farm the next big decision was where to go for lunch. Billiam, the owner of the farm, recommended the Village Tearoom in New Paltz. The owner, Agnes Devereux, greeted us with open arms and immediately began showing us cakes and pies inspired by recipes from my books. I thought lunch, was going to be just the sandwiches we ordered, until Agnes sent out a plate of her home made charcuterie including a delicious
La Bella Duck Prosciutto and a bowl of spicy popcorn. The BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) was the best I have ever eaten, with regional apple smoked bacon, heirloom tomato, and leaf lettuce.13.BLT.jpg Agnes brought over three of my books for signing. 14.Agnes.jpg After lunch, Agnes appeared with an array of desserts saying: "You do not have to eat all of these, but here are some desserts to sample." So while we exchanged stories, we sampled cakes, pies, and other desserts. Her honey bee cake, inspired by my honey comb technique in the Pie and Pastry Bible, included a velvety and delicious chiffon layer that turns out to be a top secret recipe which Agnes uses for her wedding cakes. 15.Honeybee.jpg After lunch, we enjoyed a much needed walk around New Paltz before checking in at the Maplestone Inn Bed and Breakfast that Paula reserved for us and another couple. (I was already acquainted with the wife Hilary Baum, but Paula told me that her husband Richard Stein and Elliott would get along perfectly, and indeed she was right!) Then off to dinner to a favorite of ours, The Rock & Rye, from last Fall's styling and photography phase for "The Baking Bible". Saturday morning, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs on hash browns followed by almond-crusted thick French toast stuffed with blueberry compote. Hilary and Richard joined us for breakfast and suggested that we go with them to the Mohonk Park Reserve for a hike. Mohonk offers a wide range of trails including rock climbing and rappelling. I've known Hilary for many years but after this weekend we all became friends for life. 16.Richard_&_I_in_Mohonk.jpg We arrived early at the farm to check on the cake, which was warming up beautifully in the kitchen, before attending the wedding ceremony and social hour. I finally was able to chat with Paula and stroll about the exquisite lawns and gardens, while the children played games and the adults conversed. 17.E_&_I_WEDDING.jpg 18.Paula.jpg

Before the wedding party and before the guests moved up to the tent for the dinner and festivities, Woody and I met Olga, the party planner, at the final resting home for the cake, so that we could adorn the base with the rest of the reserved crystallized roses. Like proud parents, we posed for some photos behind our flower-covered child with a sign that read "Strawberry Chiffon Cake". Only Olga, her assistant, and we knew that the cake within was chocolate as a special nod to the groom. 19.Woody_Me_and_the_cake.jpg The wedding dinner was prepared by chef Jamie and staff from a local restaurant. After speeches and some dancing, it was time for the newly weds, Sarah and Gabriel, to cut the cake. They did it in style, with a short samurai sword, to reveal the chocolate cake to joyful gasps. 20.Cutting_the_cake.jpg Woody presided over the cutting of the cake to ensure that each member of the wedding party had a rose adorning his or her cake slice. The cake quickly vanished into happy mouths. I felt a bit guilty indulging in two slices, but trust me--I was in very good company. 21.Cut_Cake_2.jpg Sunday morning back at the B & B greeted us with Patty's enticing homemade apple and walnut muffins and coffee. We will be posting the recipe at the height of apple season this Fall. 22.MUFFINS.jpg We returned to Liberty Farms for a lavish brunch spread of smoked salmon, bagels, bialys, various cheeses, fresh fruits, and juices, including mimosas. 23.spread.jpg We departed for home with Billiam waving goodbye until we meet him again in December for our event at the Blue Cashew, in Rhinebeck, as part of our The Baking Bible tour.