Woody's Newest Sideline

1 title .jpgIt has been almost a year since Woody made the move to nearby Pennsylvania. In addition to working with me on the upcoming Baking Bible, a near full time job, and organizing the office and new baking kitchen resulting from my move to New Jersey, he has also followed one of his other great passions: music. He began by donating to the local public radio station WNTI which resulted in his being invited to be a guest DJ on a show. In the late summer, WNTI public radio holds a three day music festival, "WNTI Stage," along the Delaware River in northwestern New Jersey. The music fest is their major fund-raiser and to showcase various local and regional musical artists. I volunteered this summer to be on their "Street Team" to help promote the station and assist at various events. Melanie "Dawnbird" Thiel, the station's morning DJ and WNTI's Management/Development Director informed me that along with helping at the event, it would be great if I could bring some cakes for the backstage tent. Last June, I was able to be a guest DJ on her morning show, for which I also brought several treats from The Baking Bible. Food and beverages are provided by some of the vendors and volunteers at the music fest, but desserts are generally lacking. On the night before the first day of the fest, there was a meeting of the volunteers and WNTI staff to go over details and to enjoy some delicious pulled pork, roasted corn on the cob, and my offering--The Golden Lemon Almond Cake from Rose's Heavenly Cakes. My assignment was to be on the parking lot attendant crew, on which I volunteered to help out for two days. Friday's headliner was the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, a folk rock band that is a favorite of WNTI listeners. I was able to hear them from my parking lot post with my flashlight and flag in hands to direct cars. I made another favorite especially for them and the rest of the backstage seekers: The Deep Chocolate Passion frosted with Chocolate Ganache, also from Rose's Heavenly Cakes. Woody.jpg

Saturday started off with WNTI's very own "9 of a Kind," consisting of several WNTI DJs and station volunteers. Covering a mix of rhythm and blues and classic rock with several great solo rifts, they had the dance floor in front of the stage filled with dancing fans. 3 9 of a kind.jpg I brought another sheet cake, The Tropical Banana Cake, again from Rose's Heavenly Cakes, to offer another dessert to join the great spread of Italian dishes catered by the Belvidere Diner and killer sausages provided by Melanie Thiel. Then to the parking lot for my afternoon shift, at which Carol Lichtenbaum, Mrs. Winkerdoodles as she likes to be called, let me be the greeter to welcome the day's music lovers and direct them to the parking lot crew. After a few hours off which, of course, was over at Rose and Elliott's to work with Rose, I returned to give Carol a needed break from her greeting cars duty, and then to see the music festival's main headliner, Martin Crenshaw and his band. Martin Crenshaw was a very popular classic rock songwriter and performer in the 80's and 90's, and still records and has airplay on stations today. 4 martin .jpg 5 dance.jpg He and his band had the dance floor going non-stop to end the night with many memories. I had never had the chance to see him before and was glad that I could still experience him in person, singing with his distinctive voice and great guitar playing. On, Sunday, the music festival continued without my directing cars, as Rose and I had a full day of beginning the Perlis wedding cake preparation, a birthday cake for their grandson Owen, and, as always, addressing blog questions to research and answer.