Honey Cake for Jewish News Year's

HONEY_CAKE.jpgGood news! The honey cake recipe from my upcoming The Baking Bible has just appeared in the August/September issue of Hadassah Magazine and also available on their on line site. This recipe was adapted from my dear friend and esteemed colleague Marcy Goldman, the authority of Jewish baking in Canada. Note: As there was room in the article only to give the weight for the flour, here are the rest of the critical weights: (They are now posted on the Hadassah site as well.) 4 large eggs: 7 ounces/200 grams canola or safflower oil: 7.6 ounces/215 grams strong black coffee: 8.4 ounces/237 grams orange juice: 4.3 ounces/121 grams whiskey or rye: 1.9 ounces/55 grams superfine sugar: 8.8 ounces/250 grams light brown Muscovado or dark brown sugar: 3.8 ounces/108 grams all-purpose flour: 14.1 ounces/400 grams honey: 11.8 ounces/336 grams My favorite pan for this cake is the one piece, non-stick NordicWare 18 cup Pound Cake/Angel Food Pan. It is available from Fante's in Philadelphia 1-800-4432683. Or check it out on their site. (It also works in a 16 cup pan but the NordicWare one is no longer made in that size.)