Slow and Difficult (But Worth It!)

TBB_Kouign Amann-3.jpgActually not all that difficult but a far cry from one of the now ubiquitous and most disempowering concepts "quick and easy." Okay, maybe on a daily basis when one is trying to cram more things that will fit into the day it is necessary, but there is a time and place for things that take time and yield amazing results. Here is one recipe that definitely does both and it graces the cover of The Baking Bible--The Kouign Amann. This quote from the blog of Alpha Baker Monica of SweetBites expresses it brilliantly! I'm going to be honest: They are sort of hard to make. They take a full day of investment, and you might not get it right the first try. Your kitchen will be a mess. You may get stressed out (and curse up a storm). You will need to do math and use a ruler and keep an eye on a timer. But when you do get it right (and you will), oh goodness! There is no prouder moment in the life of a dedicated home baker than when we present these pieces of heaven to our flabbergasted friends and family. The Alpha Bakers is a wonderful group of international, mostly home bakers, headed by Marie Wolf (who wrote the foreword to The Baking Bible) and all the results of those who tried out the recipe are quite simply terrific.