A Present for All of Your Presents

lil0150000model500W.jpgScissors are one of the most important tools in a baking and cooking kitchen. For baking, I use scissors to cut parchment, to cut dough when making bread or trimming pie crust, to cut open plastic bags of ingredients, and countless other activities. For cooking, I use scissors to cut herbs from the garden and to snip them into fine pieces by first setting them in a small glass to contain them. I use scissors to cut through pizza, to snip the ends off string beans, to cut apart raw chicken and roasted chicken, and also for countless other activities. I set aside a pair of scissors never to be used for paper or plastic so that they maintain their sharp edge for critical ingredient related chores because it is so frustrating to find that scissors have dulled and what could have been an easy task becomes an unpleasant effort. But now I no longer need to worry. I have found a scissors sharpener that is a breeze to use and in under a few minutes per scissors has restored my many pairs of scissors to their original sharpness. The Edgecraft ScissorsPro can be used for all the scissors in your home. And if you give it as a holiday gift, be sure to put a note on the wrapping paper to "Open This One First."It will make cutting through all the other wapping paper that much easier. scissorspro