Meet Us in St. Louis: Baking Bible Tour Part 2

RosePhoto.jpgWorking our way west, on our multi-city tour, the first major city was St. Louis. We were invited to give a lecture and book signing at their spectacular JCC Center, the largest in the United States. When we arrived at the St. Louis airport, we immediately recognized our escorts, as co-sponsors Dave and Michelle Morgenstern were holding up their copy of Rose's Christmas Cookies. Another co-sponsoring couple, Terry and Harvey Heiken, took us to an excellent dinner at the Napoli Italian restaurant. We thought we were going to have to wait for Denver to have the best lamb, but the lamb chops we had at Napoli were some of the best we've ever tasted. The next day, Woody suggested to the audio team to download Ben Fink's newly produced short video tribute to "The Baking Bible" on a huge screen above our heads. It was the first time we saw it on a big screen and with the highest quality sound level. The audience loved it and so did we! St.Louis.jpg In the green room, prior to our going on stage, I had the honor of adding my autograph to the guest lecturers' billboard, which included the likes of Theodore Bikel, Gail Sheehy, and many other major celebrities. IMG_7389.jpg Dan Neman, delightful food writer at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, moderated my lecture on baking and "The Baking Bible" to an audience of over 200 people. It was followed by a Q & A session during which I was delighted to discover how many were either scientists or interested in the scientific aspect of baking. IMG_7387.jpg After the Q & A Woody and I were ushered out to a table where we were set up to sign books. What makes going on tour so rewarding is meeting people, especially people we know only on the blog. A long-time blogger, Amy, came to have her book signed and to thank Woody for answering many of her blog questions. IMG_7403.jpg After the book signing, Terry Heiken took us for a tour of the JCC facility, which is a model for many other JCCs. We were greatly impressed by its magnitude and the many things it offers to its members. If I lived in St. Louis I would join in a heart beat. What a wonderful place and wonderful community of interesting and lovely people. Next stop Denver, Colorado.