Mile-High Denver & Colorado Springs: The Baking Bible Tour Part 4

IMG_7530.jpgOur day began early with a 7:30 radio interview with Irene Rawlings the host of "Focus" on iHeartMedia. Irene was one of the best radio hosts ever. She posed both excellent questions and commentary. She even invited Woody to participate which gave extra depth and entertainment to the segment. As we had a rare free rest of the day, we drove down to Colorado Springs to visit The Garden of the Gods. The beauty of nature's weather to carve incredible shapes out of the mountains in this park reserve is breathtakingly beautiful. Pike's Peak can be seen from the park. IMG_7539.jpg We then headed to the Broadmoor Hotel and asked for a recommendation for lunch. The concierge handed us several menus and we decided on the Golden Bee Irish Pub and Restaurant. Being newbies to the restaurant, our wonderful waitress initiated us with their tradition of flinging golden bee patches at us. IMG_7550.jpg The restaurant is ornately furnished with intricate wood carvings dating back to the 1800s that had been stored in a warehouse in New York and rescued to grace the Golden Bee. IMG_7552.jpg We ordered a pub style lamb burger and fries, and salmon with peas and green beans. The napkins were so cute we purchased a pair to come home with us. IMG_7556.jpg Our evening event was a book discussion and signing at the famed "The Tattered Cover" book store in Denver. It was expertly and enthusiastically moderated by the store manager, Stephanie Coleman. We were delighted to find a a special friend in the audience--"knitty baker" as Jenn likes to call , who has baked virtually every cake in "Rose's Heavenly Cakes" as a member of the Heavenly Bakers and was a member of our Beta Bakers team for testing many recipes for The Baking Bible. IMG_7567.jpg During our book signing, we were touched by a couple who had virtually all of Rose's books and for their wedding, his partner had made the White Lilac Nostalgia Cake (which is no easy feat in a large size). Jenn waited until we had signed other people's books before she brought up her books. She showed us her new sweater dress that she made recently. Woody had her open her "Rose's Heavenly Cakes" to the Table of Contents where she had written in each date that she made a particular recipe. IMG_7564.jpg

Dean Jorge de la Torre from Johnson & Wales invited us and one of his graduating students, Heather, to a fine dinner at the Beast & Bottle. Jorge's recommendations from squab to poached lemon sole to ash roasted lamb were innovatively delectable. IMG_7579.jpg IMG_7573.jpg IMG_7575.jpg Dessert included an extraordinarily delicious toffee crème brûlée with smoked chocolate ganache and cardamom shortbread. We had never encounted smoked chocolate before and were very impressed with the depth of flavor by which it enhanced the chocolate. IMG_7591.jpg The finalé was an unusual espresso which, among other things, contained a touch of Fernet Branca--impressive because I've never like it straight but it added a perfect touch of intensity to the coffee. IMG_7586.jpg What topped off the evening was seeing the love and companionship that Jorge has inspired in his students as several came by to have a warm conversation with him. IMG_7589.jpg Loved the signed menu! IMG_7597.jpg Next stop, warmer weather in California.