Bay Area: Baking Bible Tour part 9

Image 2.jpgBreakfast at Cedar Gables Bed and Breakfast in Nappa is always a lavish affair--hard to resist even though I'm not normally a breakfast eater. We feasted on the yogurt and fruit parfait and an egg and cheese spicy french toast souffle before leaving for the Bay Area. Image 4.jpg The morning was devoted to a visit to my cousin Joan in the beautiful high hills of Berkeley, and a return to Inspiration Point. We enjoyed a sunny day's 2 mile walk to the top of the point. From this high point, you have a panoramic view of the Bay Area all the way to Sonoma valley. Image 15.jpg And off we rushed to the next stop--San Francisco, for a radio interview with one of my favorite radio personalities, Joel Riddel, on his Joel Riddel Radio Show. Woody was able to add some of his commentary as well. Joel.jpg The final event of our San Francisco tour was an unforgettable evening of discussion with Emily Luchetti, Alice Medrich at the San Francisco JCC. Image 14.jpg In the Green Room at the JCC, we joined Alice Medric, and our moderator for the evening, Margo True from Sunset Magazine and Books. We were offered an informal diner from the JCC's Cafe. We met with Emily Lucetti on stage, for a sound check, before the evening's program began. Emily's book "Fearless Baker" was published in 2011. Alice's book, "Flavor Flours", which gives recipes for various non-wheat flours, was published this year. Along with the three of us answering Margo's questions, and discussions and commentary on various topics, we fielded questions from the 300 plus audience. The entire discussion can be viewed on this link. Enjoy A book signing followed with all three of us seated at a table in front of three long lines of lovely and appreciative readers. Next posting: Up north to our last city on this leg of the tour, Tom Douglas' Seattle.