Tom Douglas' Seattle Continues: Baking Bible Tour part 11

Rose_in_Seattle.jpgThe evening began with my niece Monica Gibbs and her partner, Neil, taking us up to the Honore Artisan Bakery. We were told by several people that this was the place for the best Kouign Amann in the Seattle area. Woody had called in the morning to reserve 3 of them from pastry chef/owner Franz Gilbertson. IMG_7817.jpg We enjoyed his delicious Kouign Amanns along with an excellent cup of cappuccino (this IS a coffee town!). His Kouigns were lighter in texture and more thickly caramelized on the outside but less sugar on the inside than ours. They also had a touch of salt on the crust. IMG_7816.jpg IMG_7821.jpg Chef Franz gave Woody a tour of his kitchen, where Woody got to see a pastry sheeter for the firsts time. A pastry sheeter is like a giant pasta roller. It is the most expensive piece of equipment in a bakery and is invaluable for quickly and evenly laminating the dough layers in the kouigns and other pastries. IMG_7823.jpg

A delightful dinner at the Wild Ginger Chinese restaurant completed our day in style. IMG_7827.jpg We enjoyed the Zinfandel from A. Rafanelli, Dry Creek Ca. so much that I ordered a case on our return home. The final day of our St. Louis, Denver, San Francisco, Napa, and Seattle tour began with a Starbucks coffee at the original location down by the bay. Then lunch at Etta's, which Tom Douglas named after his daughter, to celebrate our last dining experience for this part of the tour. Our exceptionally professional waitress, Andrea, recommended great choices for wine and lunch. We enjoyed sharing oysters, Tom's Tasty Tuna Sashimi with delectable chive pancakes, Tom Douglas' signature Grilled "Rubbed with Love" Salmon, and a Seafood & Coconut Soup Stew. Image10.jpg fish_stew.jpg Our plane landed in Newark around midnight for a drive home and a night's rest before next week's posting: Barnes & Noble in Somerville, New Jersey.