Home Town Events: Baking Bible Tour part 12

Image.jpgBack home in northwestern New Jersey, half of our tour still to come with events throughout New Jersey, New York, and eastern Pennsylvania. This included several radio interviews such as the one with my long-time friend June LeBell pictured above. First stop for a week of steady events was the Barnes & Noble in Somerville, New Jersey. A few years ago, we had stopped by the store on an impromptu visit and signed several of my books from the book shelves. The manager invited us back for a talk and book signing event when our book (which was still in the testing phase) would be released. We did the usual talk, Q & A, and book signing. B&N.jpg The following Monday afternoon was a return to our local WNTI public radio station's studios at Centenary College. My dearest high school classmate, June Lebell, who for most of her career was a major host on WQXR, now is the host for her June Lebell's Radio Show on WUSF, out of Sarasota, Florida. Image_1.jpg Radio DJ and WNTI's operations manager, John Del Re(aka Johnnie Dee), greeted us in his studio where he could setup the special connection for June to interview me. IMG_7835.jpg June and I had a blast, covering a wide variety of topics and, as usual, linking music with baking, which was especially appropriate because two of the cakes in "The Baking Bible" were dedicated to opera singers (Pavarotti and Fleming). Two days later, it was off to New York City for a book conversation with Lucinda Scala Quinn at the 92nd Street Y. I grew up in this Y so it was a special treat to have my first lecture there be for this special book. Lucinda, who is one of the best moderators ever, began the discussion by asking me about the inpact of the Internet on the cooking and baking community. We then talked about my golden rules and tips for baking from the book. IMG_7870.jpg The 92nd Street Y lecture series attracts a wide variety of interesting people which led to a lively Q & A that followed the lecture. I was delighted that my editor Stephanie Fletcher and marketing manager Allison Renzulli attended the lecture and came up to say hi before we signed books. IMG_7890.jpg The following day it was back to WNTI for another radio interview accompanied by Elliott. This time, it was with WNTI's own host the effervescent Melanie "Dawnbird" Thiel for the taping of her Contours Show which airs on Sundays featuring repartee with various people of interest in the community. This invitation evolved from Woody having been a guest DJ on her morning music show. Elliott had always wanted to meet Mel, as he had heard her show many times. We had a delightful discussion of the book and of my baking philosophy, with Woody chiming in, contributing his perspective. IMG_7893.jpg We returned once again to WNTI for an interview with Evan Kleiman of Goodfood, out of KCRW, Los Angeles. I always look forward to talking with Evan and this time it was on one of my favorite subjects: baking equipment. Evan.jpg