Chef Central and Miele in Princeton: Baking Bible Tour part 15

IMG_8052.jpgChef Central in Paramus, NJ I was especially looking forward to this event as Chef Central is featured under favorites on "Sites I Like" on my blog home page. I knew they carried an enormous assortment of culinary tools but actually seeing it in person was staggeringly impressive. Our appearance, which included a demo and talk, was part of a KitchenAid all day baking event in the store. The Chef Central teaching staff were giving a baking class for kids when we arrived. As we were setting up our equipment, we were able to have our Nespresso afternoon coffee break on site offered by the rep of the Nespresso booth. One of my favorite demos is making my Red Velvet Cake, as it is vehicle for us to show and talk about all of my major golden rules and tips as the spectacular red batter mixes in our KitchenAid mixer's glass bowl. Along with signing books, I signed a photo of myself to join the many other chefs and culinary professionals, who have done events in the past, gracing the Chef Central's back wall. Chef_Central.jpg I had been immensely looking forward to our event at the Miele Center in Princeton, New Jersey as I have been and still am a long time fan of Miele appliances. When we arrived in Princeton, it was cold, snowy, and lunch time so we decided to restore our strength at the cozy Teresa's Cafe, an Italian restaurant. The food was fabulous. Teresa's.jpg Along with our demonstration of the Red Velvet Cake, the kitchen staff of Miele had generously made several recipes from The Baking Bible to serve to the 61 attendees before the class began. In the reception area outside the kitchen classroom, a long table was adorned with The Bourbon Pecan Butter Balls, Kourambiethes, The Red Velvet Cake, and the savory Pizza Rustica, along with champagne and other beverages. Miele did a first class mis en place for us as we arranged our set up while attendees began streaming in with their plates laden with our recipes. Tracy Kuchar, director of special events, introduced us to the class which began, once again again with our video featuring over 37 photos from the book. IMG_8034.jpg IMG_8040.jpg IMG_8044.jpg Our book signing session took over an hour with everyone wanting us to sign all their books, which included several of my past books. We were especially pleased to meet Tracy's mother and grandmother who were responsible for her a strong baking foundation. A mother, her daughters, and friends were the last group to have us sign their books. We also signed several books for those who could not attend the class and one turned out to be the chef/owner of Teresa's Cafe. IMG_8056.jpg The next day, on our way out of Princeton, we returned to Teresa's for another sustaining lunch before heading home. And on to planning the weekend ahead-- a trip to Philadelphia, with three special events--next week's posting.