Baking Bible Out Bakes: Peach Galette, page 197

This is my favorite peach pie transformed into a galette. I prefer it to a pie because the balance of fruit to pastry is truly perfection. It works for most fruit but especially well for peaches which, compared to nectarines and apples, are a little softer and don't hold up as well in a thicker layer. The thin, buttery, flaky, crisp crust encasing the luscious peach slices is truly heavenly.

These step-by-step photos illustrate the technique for making a double size galette. It is most delicious when rolling the pie dough as thinly as possible. Perfectly Ripe Peaches The Sliced Peaches The Sliced Peaches Draining The Reduced Syrup Pouring the Syrup onto the Peaches Getting out the Heavy Artillery for Rolling Switching to My Longer Pasta Pin The Pastry Draped Over the Pan The Peach Mixture Nestled in the Pastry The Pastry Draped Over the Peaches I'll admit that from beginning to end it takes about 5 hours but I think they are 5 hours well spent. Double Click on the Photo to Enlarge It to See the Flaky Crust

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