Apple Time at Liberty View Farm


A year plus a week ago, I made my first visit to this little piece of paradise outside of New Paltz, NY. The occasion was the wedding of Sarah, the daughter of one of my dearest friends, Paul Perlis. Woody and I made the cake and that was how Billiam, Rene, and we all became friends. The occasion this year was a weekend festival of celebrating the fall apple harvest. It included picking apples (Ginger Golds) in the light of the full moon, Contra dancing, an apple pie contest, and related demos. I demo'd making a pie crust with my new pie kit. and Rene demo'd apple strudel. There were 5 judges which included Woody and me and a young boy who possessed both an exceptional palate and presence. The apple crisp was excellent but not a pie so first place went to Karl Boggs, for a pie that used a gluten free pie crust from America's Test Kitchen. I noticed right away that it wasn't as flaky as my favorite pie crust but it was a little flaky and tender. Breakfast the next day included Rene's apple strudel and his famous scrambled eggs from their own hens. By the time you read this, the Cortland apples will be ready for picking at Liberty View Farm. They are a great pie apple! It's also melon time at the farm. These extraordinary and delicious melons are Rene's special project. He says there is no name for them in Czech other than just melons.