A Fun New Site for Cookbook Lovers

1000_BANNER_A.jpgWhat could be harder than narrowing down one's choice of favorite cookbooks to 10, especially when the collection is well over 1000 of my own! But when Matt Cockerill, co-founder of the site 1000 cookbooks, invited me to join I didn't hesitate. The easiest way to come up with my 10 choices was to see what rose to the top of my memory. And I listed them in alphabetical order. These are the books that I've used the most often over the years. They are well written, imaginative, reliably tested, and have stood the test of time. Check out the site and you will find many of your favorite authors--more as it evolves. You will also find what your favorite authors choose as their favorites. It's absolutely addictive. I was regretful not to be listed by some but amazed and delighted to be listed by some others! You will also find out which is considered by consensus to be the best cookbook of all time. (Hint: it's not vegan!) The co-founders have very interesting backgrounds in publishing and science. I had some illuminating and delightful email exchanges with Matt and feel like I've found another kindred spirit. Check it out--you'll love it!

Co-Founders Matt Cockerill and Jon Croft

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