One Great Lady, Two Great Cakes

Genoise_au_Chocolat.jpgJenn Knitty Baker sent me these beautiful cake photos and story describing them and generously allowed me to share this with you. The first picture is of the Génoise au Chocolat from the Cake Bible (my favorite chocolate cake), paired with the Light Whipped Ganache from the Cake Bible. I made this cake for a good friend at my local yarn store. We have knit night on Tuesday where we hang out, talk, and knit. One of the ladies was moving to Oregon so I asked her if I can bake her something and what her favorite dessert is. When she answered chocolate I knew that I had to make the Génoise au Chocolate. To compliment the lightness and chocolate flavor of this cake, I paired it with the Light Whipped Ganache from the same book. To achieve the height that I wanted for this cake, I split the recipe into two 7-inch pans. I stacked the two cakes, frosting the space between the cakes with a bit of light whipped ganache. Genoise_au_Chocolat-2.jpg I do not posses the skills (nor the patience) to frost the sides of the cake smoothly so I settled for frosting the sides the way it looked in the picture with a small offset spatula. As I told the lady I made this for, I was aiming for rustic elegance. Everyone loved it. Chocolate_Cuddle_Cake.jpg The second cake is the Chocolate Cuddle Cake from the Baking Bible. I made it for a get together at a friend's house where we played a variety of board games. I used melted chocolate to make the "Game Night!" sign, the chocolate is not tempered but it held for a few hours at room temperature due to the dryness of the Denver climate. Hope you enjoyed the photos and the stories. I never would have been able to do any of this if not for having found your blog, Rose's Heavenly Cakes bake a long, and now the Baking Bible bake a long. Life is definitely richer and more exciting with baking!