A Magical Christmas Party

IMG_3291.jpgAs a former resident of New York City (once a New Yorker always a New Yorker), I was astonished to discover that this special club called Doubles was hidden within the Sherry Netherland Hotel on Fifth avenue and 59th street. When my dear friend Holly Arnold Kinney, who owns the Fort Restaurant in the foothills of Denver CO, invited me to a holiday lunch. I arranged to come into New York because it was a rare opportunity to see her. I had no idea what a special experience it was going to be. Once a year, the club pulls out all the stops to offer a holiday luncheon of excellent food and a huge variety of desserts. IMG_3289.jpg Each table was given a turn to go up to the massive dessert display and choose as many servings as could fit on a large plate. IMG_3290.jpg I love the decoration on the gingerbread man cookie that Holly chose. And Holly, being Holly, had a present for everyone at her table. IMG_3292.jpg When I left the hotel I was greeted by a sunshiny spring weather day but filled with holiday spirit just the same.