Another Star in the Pastry Firmament

Bernardin.jpgI first met pastry chef Thomas Raquel of Le Bernardin at the Gramercy Tavern in-house pie contest and was so charmed by his manner that I lost no time in arranging to have dinner at Le Bernardin at the first opportunity, which was a dinner in New York City with dear and food loving friends chef Elizabeth Karmel and her sister Mary Pat Wachter. The fact that I only have one photo to share is a testament to how much all of us enjoyed the many desserts offered. Yes, I took photos of everything, but most were out of focus due to my eagerness to taste everything at the proper consistency. Sorry! Chef Raquel is a rare master of pure and exquisite complexity. Every element of every dessert is at its very best. It is complex without being contrived and a real adventure in deserting. Woody (who graciously accompanied me, as Elliott had other plans that evening) and I were so full after the excellent dinner and tasting each and every dessert that we had to walk a mile to the subway with the excuse that we needed to see the Swarovski Crystal Snowflake on Fifth Avenue. We got back to Hope after midnight, but it was worth every bite.