A Girl and Her Whisk(s)

Whisk.jpgCarol Ritchie came up with a delightful idea to start a start Whisk Movement Cookin' with Carol featuring "the whisk." She asked me to contribute a recipe and also a story about what whisks mean to me. I first met Carol almost 20 years ago on a food symposium trip to Australia. We bonded over this mollusk at the Fleurieu Peninsula. It was the very first of the season and they handed it to Carol but I was the one with the ever ready Swiss army knife to open it. Then soon harvested a few more and I still remember the amazing ocean-freshness. Carol_Richie_Australia_Fleurieu_Peninsula.jpg When my book The Pie and Pastry Bible was published, and book tour brought me to Texas, Carol invited me to be a guest on her show. We had a delightfully fun time pulling strudel and to this day she is in my icontacts address book as: "great tv host--did strudel" so I would always remember. I'm honored to be a part of her new online (ad)venture.