First Vine on Line

cropped-img00013-20100524-1538.jpgI'm delighted to share with you an unusual profile which Tom Natan just posted on his new blog First Vine on Line--a food, wine, and culture blog. Tom is co-owner of First Vine, a Washington DC importer and retailer of quality wines. We first met when his neighbor David Hagedorn was writing an article for the Washington Post on making pie crusts, featuring my favorite cream cheese pie crust (which became the most requested Washington Post recipe for years running!). Tom offered to help with the prep for the photo shoot and we had a great time talking about taste, texture, and wine. I especially appreciate this profile because it highlights details of a side of me never before revealed--my passion for wine. But most of all I am deeply impressed by Tom's writing and feel honored to have this fine portrait in words. I also rediscovered that we are true kindred spirits.