Baking Basics Production Phase 1

An Idea is Born Rose_072616_0865.jpg Rose's Baking Basics Production Phase 1: An Idea is Born Because so many of you enjoyed hearing about the publishing process of our last two books, we have decided to do it again, especially because this new book is, in so many exciting ways, different from all of my previous 10 books. A few years ago, after completing The Baking Bible, team RoseWood was gearing up to embark on the promised wedding book when our editor Stephanie Fletcher suggested first doing a book for 'beginners.' For a few seconds I resisted, saying that beginners work just fine from all of my other books, even young people who win blue ribbons at county fairs. And as the words were half way out of my mouth I did an immediate about face as I suddenly, with lightning bolt clarity, realized the potential of what Stephanie was suggesting. So I said: If we could have step by step photos of the recipes and techniques, the book would be invaluable for both the beginner and the advanced baker. And gradually I realized that though all of my books have all the details needed for success, at first glance they are perceived as challenging--perhaps due to all the information. A photo, however, is indeed worth 1000 words and would not give that perception, especially if we changed the formatting of the text to be as concise as possible. One of the changes we're most pleased about is that ounces are now eliminated and grams come before volume. This is because scales are now in both grams and ounces and switching between the two is easy. Also, most people have embraced the ease and reliability of weighing over measuring. Another change that turned out to have huge impact on the complete precision of information is that Woody and I decided to do all the preparation and styling on our own for all of the recipes, in my dedicated baking kitchen. We knew that this would give us total control of the recipes, including the ability to enter every tweak and improved technique that would ensue from baking the recipes after they were tested and written up in final form. The next step was to find a first rate photographer who embraced the idea of coming to Hope, NJ for many days, over a period of several months, to achieve the agreed upon 500 plus step by step photos. Matthew Septimus was our man. It is our goal to invite you to become part of the publishing process by briefly describing the many involved phases that bring this cookbook to fruition.