Rose's Baking Basics Production Phase 2

Rose_072616_0865.jpg Production Phase 2: Recipe Testing We have been so busy with the photography of the step-by-steps that we didn't get a chance until now to post any of the production phases. We'll try to catch up before we forget them! Because we were revisiting some of our favorite recipes, streamlining and tweaking them to more approachable perfection, the recipe testing phase took on a different approach this time around with less need for critiques and comments from taste testers. Since the plan was to have over 500 step-by-step photos, our overall goal was how to make each recipe easy to follow with just enough text to reflect the photos accurately and also to be complete and independent of the photos. We wanted the recipe presentation to work for someone new to baking, but the great discovery is that it worked best for us as well. We now find the recipes more clear and easier to follow. Retesting often led to exciting new techniques, solutions to possible problems, and ideas for new recipes so, as usual, the book kept growing. PAVLOVA.jpg We also included a few recipes from dear friends and colleagues such as David Shamah and Lisa Yockelson who contributed her amazing chocolate biscotti. (David's contribution is so unusual it will remain a top secret until the book comes out.) LISA.jpg Another aspect of testing changed as well--what to do with all the excess bake goods. No Woody's T'ai Chi studio fellow students, like the last two books. No New York doormen and apartment staff, since we moved to our country home. So Woody quickly became the most popular member of the group he joined a year ago: his weekly bridge club, not to mention the local post offices, and bank. Next up, the exciting step-by-step photography shoots.