Extra Helpings--A New Website for Extraordinary Crafts

Holiday Ornaments to hang on your tree or ring in the new year!

Holiday Ornaments to hang on your tree or ring in the new year!

My dear friend Miro Uskokovic, the amazingly talented pastry chef at Gramercy Tavern, has just announced that his wife Shilpa has launched her site Extra Helpings.

Miro is justifiably very proud of Shilpa, who collaborated with her mother to create "a site that sources home and lifestyle products from struggling artisans who are working tirelessly to preserve craft traditions that are endangered due to rapid globalization and general corporate greed." And, as a dyed in the wool craftsperson, I am delighted to share this with you! 

Shilpa's mother, Raji, sits on the board of an internationally recognized non-profit organization that works with artisans throughout India. This gives her access to the best crafts people! Shilpa and her mother have personally met with all the artisans and hand selected items that are beautiful, useful and fairly priced.

Shilpa sent me an exquisitely crafted small, but heavy, rolling pin to add to my special collection of pins from around the world. I hope you will visit her site and enjoy viewing some of the beauty that still exists in this world.