The Artful Baker (and What Am I Doing in a Turkish Magazine!)


A few weeks ago, Cenk Sönmezsoy, author of the stunning new book The Artful Baker, sent me this feature on him in the Turkish magazine “InStyle.”

I was shocked and delighted to see a photo of me on the page, surrounded by cherries, shorts, a t-shirt, and brownies, and immediately went to Google translate which shed no light on why I was pictured there, as it only listed food writer under my name.

I immediately wrote to Cenk to ask him, but no sooner did the email go off than I realized that I was amongst what I perceived to be some of Cenk’s favorite things. Here was his exact response:

“The magazine sent me a list of questions, one of which was who I'd like to have dinner with and why. My answer was: The author of several legendary cookbooks like The Cake Bible and The Pie and Pastry Bible, Rose Levy Beranbaum. I could talk to her about cookies, cakes and tarts for hours on end.

They also asked me which ingredient I've been baking with most frequently (sour cherries; but I think the cherries in the photo are sweet cherries) and what I like to wear when cooking and baking (an oversized t-shirt and shorts).”

I am honored to appear in this magazine featuring one of most eloquent and talented bakers in the world.