The Baking Bible is Food52 Baking Club’s Bonus Book of the Year


The book club members bake through a new baking book each month and learn from each other along the way. I'm thrilled to be in the company of the esteemed Thomas Keller, Dorie Greenspan, and Erin Jeanne McDowell whose books will be featured in the current three month period.

Food52 describes the bonus book as follows:

“When the community rallied around the creation of the Baking Club, one member suggested calling it "Baker’s Dozen," with the idea that we'd focus on one book a month, but have one extra book that members could cook through the whole year long, too. The idea was a hit, so while we didn't use the name, we incorporated the idea! The group will not only have more time to cook through Beranbaum’s book, but members will always have this book as an option to bake from if they don’t have access to the book of the month.”

For more information and to join the group if you haven’t already, click on the link: