A Special Photographer Shares His Expertise


Photographers are among my very favorite people. Could it be because of their extraordinary vision and artistic sensibility? Without exception, every photographer I have ever worked with has become a treasured friend.

Matthew Septimus is the photographer who took over 600 luminous step by step photos and numerous ‘beauty’ shots for our upcoming Rose’s Baking Basics. I’m delighted to share with you the link to a special course in photography, that Matthew is teaching, scheduled for this coming March in midtown New York City.

Here is the course description and link.

NEW Photography has the ability to communicate across cultures worldwide. On a local level, putting a camera in the hands of someone who doesn’t normally have access to formal classes can be profound—it can widen students’ eyes and expand a teacher’s soul. This workshop investigates the full spectrum of sharing photography with the community, from dealing with established organizations to exploring an improvisational, independent approach. Come with a specific group to target or just an eager mind. Prerequisite: Photography I or portfolio review

Special Note: Matthew has just been accepted into an exhibition in Rotterdam where, in February, they will be showing his photo project from Occupy Wall Street.