The Pie & Pastry Bible is Now in Its 10th Printing

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The Pie & Pastry Bible is celebrating its 20th year with this latest printing with updates. My most comprehensive bible on a single subject, this book's 692 pages with over 250 main recipes, which took me over 5 years to write, covers virtually everything for this area of baking. The pie section includes a wide variety of pie crusts from my favorite tender, flaky, and flavorful cream cheese and butter crust to savory crusts made with goose fat or beef suet. Related chapters cover fruit pies, chiffon pies, meringue pies and tarts, custard pies and tarts, tarts and tartlets, and savory tarts and pies. And what about apple pie à la mode's accompaniment? An ice cream chapter has 10 ice cream recipes as well as ice cream pie recipes. Pastry chapters cover biscuits and scones, fillo, strudel, puff pastry and croissants, Danish pastry, brioche, and cream puff pastry. Filling, topping, sauce, and glaze recipes are here as well,  to fill, top, and enhance your pie and pastry creations.
You can see a complete listing of all of the book's 250 plus main recipes on this page link.