Rose’s Baking Basics Production Phase 10: The BLAD Arrives

BLAD for Rose's Baking Basics.jpg

The “movie trailer” version of our book, Basic Layout And Design, commonly called the BLAD in the publishing world, was presented to us last week when we met with our editor, publicist, and marketing director at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's office. This short pamphlet reminds me of a quick set up or get you started short version for an owner's manual. The BLAD is mailed out by the publisher to book stores, other publications, and related businesses that preview books several months before of a book’s landing on the shelves. This is to create interest and hopes for positive reviews.

“Rose's Baking Basics” came as a 8 by 11 “pamphlet” with 10 pages. Here you can see a sneak preview of the front and back covers as well as some of its inside pages. The final book will be around 400 pages in length. 

We were also thrilled to see the back cover. It is modified here to give marketing and publicity details. We will definitely do a posting on our multi-city book tour after we receive the dates.

baking basics back cover.png