Rose’s Baking Basics Production Phase 13: Off to the Publisher, the Final Stretch

Three years and seven months ago, we met with Stephanie, our editor, and Natalie, manager of the cookbook division, in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s office, to sign copies of The Baking Bible and to celebrate the book’s launch. That day also marked the birth of an idea for this book—a step-by-step book with accompanying multiple photographs for most of its recipes.


Since there were so many photos taken in different lighting and backgrounds throughout the multiple step photos, we were asked to approve and offer suggestions for the photo proof pages.


We had a second proofing pass to review and add more of our own suggested changes. Our dear friend, Zach Townsend, was one of the proofers to help us perfect our text.


After completion of the second proof reading phase, we then reviewed and approved the book’s back cover design and text.

I wrote the acknowledgements page, and Woody and I reviewed the appendix, index, and cross references.

Stephanie came through with a special surprise element I have always wanted for one of my books, which will remain a surprise to you until the book is published!

Then Dan O’Malley, manufacturer of the American Products Group (that produces my rolling pin and dough mat) offered to make his special non slip bookmark from the same material as his syn-glass cutting mats, but with the design of our book. We submitted a baker’s dozen of ingredients with their gram weights to add to design and make it extra useful.


On May 18, I sent a ‘stamp of approval’ email to Stephanie to give her the green light to send the book files to the printer to transform our digitized 400 pages, with nearly 700 color photos, into a printed book. Now comes the four months of waiting for the first hardcover book to be in our hands—always the long-awaited and magical moment which most authors compare to the birth of a baby.