Rose's Baking Basics MEDIA: Heritage Radio Interviews Us

heritage blog .png

Last month, we went to Brooklyn, the home of Heritage Radio for a podcast taping with Caity Moseman Wadler, which aired last Friday. Caity asked just the right questions to make it a really fun interview.

Here is the link to Heritage Radio’s website. Our podcast is EPISODE 14: Cookbooks. Our segment is on the last third of the podcast.

EPISODE 14: Cookbooks is also on iTunes.

Elliott also came with us and got to meet Sari Kamin, our publicist with HMH. Sari has her own fascinating podcast on Heritage Radio (see link below).

Heritage Radio’s studio and office are situated inside Roberta’s Pizza. The three of us sat down with Caity and her mom to enjoy a some of Roberta’s great pizzas.