For the Love of Precision

The Thermoworks IR-Gun

The Thermoworks IR-Gun

One never knows who might be reading her books! 

Many years ago, I stubbed my toe on my father’s solid wood army chest from his time as a paratropper in WWII. The next day my throbbing toe was reddened so I used my infrared point and shoot and discovered that its temperature was significantly higher than my other toes. I feared infection so called a foot dr. at NYU where my husband worked as director of outpatient radiology. That did nothing to get me the appointment but I persuaded the receptionist that it was an emergency so she allowed me to come and said she would try to work me in.

 Turned out I didn’t have long to wait and it wasn’t because the foot doctor knew my husband (which he did because his name was on every xray taken at NYU). When I explained to the doctor that I had assessed the temperature of the wounded toe with an infrared thermometer he looked at me with a smile on his face and said: “I know who you are--I’ve been baking from The Cake Bible for years! Maybe I should do a paper on toe temperature!”

 The toe was not infected and, much relieved, surprised, and amused, I had discovered another kindred spirit.

I use my point and shoot infrared thermometer for so many purposes aside from my toes! I use it to determine the surface temperature of various areas in my kitchen, for example, where it is the best temperature to raise bread dough, or chill pie dough, or how to determine how hot the frying pan is when preheating it.

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