Pastry Plus Conference


On Sunday, March 24, we had the pleasure of attending and participating in the Pastry Plus 2019 conference at the ICC (International Culinary Center) in New York. The mission of Pastry Plus is: “To establish a pastry community that promotes a constructive exchange of ideas and information to secure the future of the industry.”

Jansen Chan, director of pastry operations for ICC, is the founder of Pastry Plus. He gave the opening introduction to over 100 fellow pastry students, professionals, and food journalists. Emily Luchetti, an advisor to Pastry Plus, gave the keynote address.

Rose was joined by Ron Ben-Israel and Zoe Konan for a panel discussion on various pastry topics moderated by Mitchell Davis, chief strategy officer of the James Beard Foundation. Francisco Migoya of Modernist Cuisine gave a presentation on their book Modernist Bread.

A variety of classes was offered during the afternoon. We first attended Emily Luchetti, and Beth Nielsen from Nielsen-Massey for a class on vanilla, in which we sampled five vanilla extracts and learned several new facts and information on vanilla and its production. Vanilla beans are graded and Nielsen-Massey only purchases the top tier. 

Miro Uskokovic, Executive Pastry Chef at Gramercy Tavern, and also an advisor for Pastry Plus, gave a highly illuminating class on alternative sugars. We tasted a dozen cookies using different sugars. Granulated sugar was the control to compare with sugars like jaggery, maple sugar, palm sugar, and honey.

A networking session capped the day.


We applaud the efforts of Pastry Plus and Miro’s annual Sips and Sweets, both of which provide a means for up and coming bakers and established bakers to connect.