Ariela's Churro Pie Shell Piping Method


We are presenting Ariela’s method for piping the churro pie shell for her marvelous churro pie with cajeta mousse and chocolate ganache fillings, incase you want to keep authentic to her recipe. This shell is also easier to pipe than my method.  The batter recipe, recipes for all of the other components, and instructions for assembling the churro pipe are on our current Recipe of the Month.

Pipe and Freeze the Churro Pie Shell
* You are going to pipe four sets of 5 inch long “ropes” stacked 6 to 7 “ropes“ high of churro batter to cover the sides of the pan. Then cover the bottom of the pan with concentric rings of batter. You need to make sure that the “ropes” touch each other to form a solid casing to avoid the chance that the crust will break apart during frying.


* Place the cutting board and pie shell on the large bowl.

8) Fill the piping bag with a third of the batter.
9) Starting at the rim of the silicone pan, pipe a 5 inch long by 3/8 inch wide “rope” of batter. Repeat with piping another “rope” of dough directly on top of the first piped “rope”.
10) Repeat with subsequent piped “ropes” until the “ropes” cover a quarter of the side of the silicone pan and even or slightly higher than the bottom of the pan.
11) With an offset spatula, tamp the ends of the “ropes” to square them off for the next series of “ropes” to butt up against, and for the ends to form a straight vertical line of ends.

* If there is a slight gap after piping a “rope”, use an offset spatula to carefully press the “rope” to close the gap. If you make a mistake that cannot, use the offset spatula to remove the entire “rope” and re-pipe.

12) Place another third of the batter in the piping bag. Begin piping each new “rope” with it butting up to the corresponding “rope’s” end from the first stacked ropes. Tamp its ends and repeat with piping two more stacked “ropes” of batter “ropes” to cover the sides of the pan.
13) Starting even with the pan’s bottom, pipe vertical “ropes” down to the pan’s rim to cover the four junctures of the stacked “ropes” ends.
14) Move the cutting board on the countertop. Add more of the batter into the piping bag. Fill the bag with most of the remaining batter.
15) With an offset spatula, smooth any section of the “ropes” to be the same level as the pan’s bottom. Pipe a “rope” along the tops of the top “ropes” to make a continuous circle of dough on the edge of the pan’s bottom, letting it overlap its beginning. Smooth over the end to create a solid “rope”
16) Starting at a different point, pipe another “rope” ring alongside the first rope in the same manner. Pipe 7 to 9 more concentric circles until the bottom is completely covered.
17) With the offset spatula, spread more the bowl on top of the piped bottom rings and smooth the batter to form a fairly smooth bottom for the pie shell.

* Fill in any gaps in the piped “ropes” to encase the silicone pan completely.

18) Place the churro crust in the freezer to freeze for 8 hours up to 2 days. (Longer freezing can cause the crust to overbrown and/or leave doughy middles during deep-frying.)