Ice Cream Bliss Phase 5: Manuscript Read-throughs Finished


Our most recent book, Rose’s Baking Basics, was a completely new approach for our recipe writing. Our goal was to stream-line the recipes while maintaining all the critical information for success.

Instead of writing the instructions in paragraph form, the recipes were written as numbered steps. Another change was to begin most recipes with a Mise en Place (Set Up of Ingredients) section.

Rose’s Ice Cream Bliss has been written with a Mise en Place section and numbered steps as well. We then did read-throughs of each recipe twice, with one of us reading out loud to the other from the pdf, while the other reading the text from the hard copy.

Backed up on two hard drives, we submitted our manuscript to our editor, Stephanie Fletcher, who went through it with a fine-tooth comb, and then sent it to the copy editor for further proofing and formatting.

Our style photography phase came a couple of months later, which inevitably triggered some revising and additions to the recipes.


Next up: The Style Photography