Ice Cream Bliss 3: Testing Recipes


We were not starting from scratch when it came to writing recipes or testing them. I have over a dozen ice cream recipes in The Pie & Pastry Bible for filling a pie or topping a pie à la mode, and a few favorites in The Cake Bible. My goals for each ice cream recipe were: distinctive flavor, creamy texture, no iciness, and preferably without using stabilizers.

Dana Cree’s ice cream book My Name is Ice Cream became an important reference book for her methods of stabilizing ice cream. Working with my base recipe from my books, I first created a list of possible flavors and toppings. For cones, sandwich cookies, and filled cakes, Woody came up with calling them ‘ice cream socials’.

We then started testing using my standard method with out stabilizers, and adapting recipes that needed stabilizers, such as my thorn berry recipes using a cornstarch slurry. Our back road walks brought home wild mint for testing making mint chocolate chip and black raspberries for black raspberry ice creams.

Many of our afternoon breaks at the porch table included ice cream from the morning churning. Many tests were during the winter months, giving us the advantage of transferring churned ice creams from the ice cream maker into containers in our frigid garage.

Tons of photos were taken as reference for the eventual style shooting, and to grace my computer screen for my screen saver slideshow.

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