A 2 Minute Visit Through The Baking Bible

In less than 2 minutes, you will be transported into the style production shooting and pages of The Baking Bible through live action and the 4 color photos for the book. It ends with a scene of Rose and Woody walking outside Rose's mountain home. 

When internationally acclaimed photographer Ben Fink decided to also make videos, Rose was his first video’s subject: A Moment with Rose in 2010. His ideas for video were to make “movie trailers” for upcoming books by authors and food businesses. When we toured for The Baking Bible , we presented his video at several of our events. It was also presented at one of the workshops at an IACP annual conference .

Rose on Video presents: A Moment with Rose

A Moment with Rose   by Ben Fink (2010) 

This incredible and beautiful video was photographer Ben Fink's first entrée into making videos. He envisioned that videos could be made as "trailers" for authors to promote their books. Two cameras, several lights, and even rail-tracks were put on the floor of her living room for a rolling tripod mounted camera. What we thought was going to be a short cooking show-style video turned into your being able to see Rose's inner persona and love for baking. 

This video was filmed one month before Rose’s Heavenly Cakes won IACP’s Best Book of the Year, but we did not get to see its final version until the fall. Ben made a second video with Rose for The Baking Bible in 2013, as a “trailer” for the book’s launch. He also did all of the photography for the book. His unique style of making videos has won him awards. You can see his work in many commercials, and even on video screens in McDonalds.

NOTE: We have over 150 YouTube videos, transcribed by Hector Wong, from Rose’s appearances on television shows, her own PBS Baking Magic series, and instructional videos. You can see a complete listing on our Television & Videos pages.

Videos To Cherish--The Batterberries

I wouldn't have missed it for the world--but I almost did because I didn't know about it ahead of time. May of 2010 I decided to attend the Beard Awards at Lincoln Center even though my most recent book Rose's Heavenly Cakes, which had just won the International Association of Culinary Professionals Book of the Year Award, had not even been nominated for the Beard Awards.There were over 1000 attendees but by some fortuitous miracle I bumped into Ariane and Michael Batterberry as we were pouring into the theater where the award ceremony was to be held. Michael immediately congratulated me on my recent award and another friend and colleague, Silvie Bigar who was standing next to us, congratulated him and Ariane for their present one. "What award?" I questioned. Michael, with his usual gracious humility said: "The Life Time Achievement Award!" I've long known that Michael Batterberry, publisher of Food Arts Magazine, was an amazingly eloquent, fascinating, and entertaining speaker. In fact, in an interview when I was once given a choice of any person living or dead that I would like to have as a dinner date, Michael was my first choice. But until that night, when I heard both him and his wife Ariane's acceptance speeches, I never realized what a brilliant speaker Ariane is as well. When I visited their table at dinner after the awards Michael invited me to join them as there was an empty chair next to him. The last words I said to him were: "I love you." I didn't know it was also a goodbye. My only regret of the event was that I could not share the amazing experience of hearing the Batterberries speak at the awards ceremony, but now I can! Just this week Food Arts Magazine sent this link to a few videos, one of which is the James Beard Award for Batterberries (the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award). Another is Dan Barber's Introduction to the Lifetime Achievement Award. Be sure also to click on Batterberry on Julia for a delightful reminiscence.

Move Over Martha!

I am charmed by this video, produced in french as a school project by two young high school students, one of whom (Mariella) is my niece. She sure has come a long way from when she was just a very little girl, getting her first baking lesson from her aunt Rose. (She had sat on the counter and eagerly turned on the KitchenAid mixer to high, creating a veritable explosion of flour! We scooped it back into the bowl and she tried a second time, perfectly controlling the speed so that none of the flour mixture jumped out.)I think that Mariella and Julia did a terrific job in this video of showing how to make crème brûlée. I couldn't be more proud of my niece, her enchanting smile, and joy in baking! video

Hawaii Part Seven (Seventh Heaven)

The long-awaited day finally arrived Hector and his partner Christopher, Woody, and I, and Hector's good friend Luca Rizzi. set out for the long and gradual ascent to Mauna Kea elevation 13,600 ft. It is here that Hector photographed one of his first "Hector's Takes on My Cakes," and it is the first time that it is being posted in this extraordinary top of the world setting.

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Springerle Time!

I have a lovely collection of sprengerle molds, many of which are hanging on the wall in my entrance way to my apartment. I started collecting them when I was writing my Xmas cookie book. My favorite is an antique mold of a bear from Switzerland. It is hand carved from wood as is the pear mold which is carved from pear wood. I was told by a baker in Switzerland that during the winter months, when bakers had more time, they would create these unique molds.Recently I received an e-mail from Patrice Romzick offering three terrific you tube videos on the technique of making springerle cookies. It is so helpful to see the exact technique for making these decorative cookies so that they unmold perfectly so I'm sharing them here. Time to get started so they will be ready for the holidays! And if you're starting your own collection, Patrice has a website that carries many molds and equipment for making the springerle.

Banana Split Pie

I chose this recipe from The Pie and Pastry Bible to do at Johnson & Wales because the classic banana split combination of banana, fudgy chocolate, caramel, walnuts, ensconced in a walnut cookie crust is one of my very favorite desserts. My friend Gloria Cabrale, who was a very gifted pastry professor of baking at Johnson & Wales at the time, helped me to do the styling and I just love the way she placed the bananas. By this simple and elegant touch she transformed the pie into a four star dessert.