Ice Cream Bliss 2: Heritage Radio's "Life is a Banquet" Gets the Scoop



Although I usually have an idea of what my next book should be, it is generally after the previous book’s promotion that the publishing house commits to the project. This changed with Rose’s Ice Cream Bliss, for which we were already researching, testing, and writing recipes when we did our book tour for Rose’s Baking Basics. On tour. Our event audiences were pleased.

 We were delighted to return to Heritage Radio for another podcast interview. Zahra Tangorra and Bretton Scott are the wonderful dynamic hosts of  “Life is a Banquet,” who were all ears to hear about ice cream. Their inquisitive conversation, but casual style created the atmosphere that we were all friends chatting over cups of coffee.

 Bretton proclaimed his success in baking from being self taught by baking recipes from The Cake Bible and The Pie & Pastry Bible.  Both Zahra and Bretton have been chef/owners of restaurants. Since virtually all chefs make sauces that require reduction, we presented each of them with my latest kitchen tool design for my American Products Group signature line—Rose’s Reduction Spatula.

Our Interview on Heritage Radio’s “Life is a Banquet “ Podcast

We then talked about our upcoming ice cream book. One of the essentials for producing great home-made ice cream I elaborated on, was keeping your ice cream custard base cold and your ice cream containers chilled before transferring the churned ice cream from the ice cream maker. During the winter months, Woody and I would set up in my frigid garage to transfer our ice creams. Zahra one-upped us by sharing that her ice cream makers were in her restaurant’s walk-in freezer. The finale of our podcast was naming each of our 3 favorite flavors.

So to get you in the mode for ice cream next May, here are our favorites~~blackraspberry, dulce de leche, pomegranate, mint chocolate chip, and bust my bourbon balls (adults cookies and cream, named by, of course, Woody).

After the interview, we all walked just several steps out of the studio to enjoy slices of Roberta’s Pizza.

Marble Cake with Chocolate Curls for the Joan Hamburg Show

22 full deck.jpg

We were honored to be invited to return to the wonderful Joan Hamburg Show to offer Joan Woody’s successful version of the Marble Cake with Chocolate Pieces which Joan’s mom used to make for the family. This is how we will always make our favorite Marble Cake. The chocolate curls melt in your mouth against the softness of the cake crumb.


Here’s the link to the Joan Hamburg Podcast Let Me Tell You

Woody tried chocolate chips, but was not satisfied with the outcome. Lacing in 1/2 inch wide thick curls of dark chocolate gave the cake added dimensions of texture and taste.



You can also listen to the show this Saturday, April 20th, on her weekly show on 77WABC 1-2 pm EST.

Woody’s Chocolate Curls Marble Butter Cake is our April recipe of the month. Click below to see the recipe.

The Artful Baker (and What Am I Doing in a Turkish Magazine!)


A few weeks ago, Cenk Sönmezsoy, author of the stunning new book The Artful Baker, sent me this feature on him in the Turkish magazine “InStyle.”

I was shocked and delighted to see a photo of me on the page, surrounded by cherries, shorts, a t-shirt, and brownies, and immediately went to Google translate which shed no light on why I was pictured there, as it only listed food writer under my name.

I immediately wrote to Cenk to ask him, but no sooner did the email go off than I realized that I was amongst what I perceived to be some of Cenk’s favorite things. Here was his exact response:

“The magazine sent me a list of questions, one of which was who I'd like to have dinner with and why. My answer was: The author of several legendary cookbooks like The Cake Bible and The Pie and Pastry Bible, Rose Levy Beranbaum. I could talk to her about cookies, cakes and tarts for hours on end.

They also asked me which ingredient I've been baking with most frequently (sour cherries; but I think the cherries in the photo are sweet cherries) and what I like to wear when cooking and baking (an oversized t-shirt and shorts).”

I am honored to appear in this magazine featuring one of most eloquent and talented bakers in the world.


My Very Best Apple Pie


I just saw this very special writeup of The Baking Bible, in "The Jewish Weekly," by Helen Chernikoff, which includes not only a little story about my heritage and inauspicious beginnings as a "food critic," but also the recipe for my new and best apple pie. If you don't have the book and are still thinking about what to make for Thanksgiving, here it is!

Conversations with Dede of Bakepedia Part 1 of 2

This is a link to Dede Wilson's terrific site Bakepedia on which she started a profile on me and my upcoming book The Baking Bible.I've known and worked with Dede for 25 years and, as a result, you will get some unique and fun behind the scenes info never before available. Dede even interviewed Woody, asking him what it's like working with me. Stay tuned for this and the rest to come.

Special Appearance on Bakepedia

Fellow baker, author, and tv host Dede Wilson and I have been friends for 25 years. When she started her baking site, Bakepedia, this year I was delighted that she was planning a profile on me and my upcoming Baking Bible in good part because it would provide a great opportunity to catch up with each other's lives. In fact, this proved to be so true that the one posting she had been planning got upgraded to five!Here is the first one which tells a very amusing story about how we first met. Bakapedia I'm sure you will want to add this site to your favorites as I have.

My Fresh Blueberry Pie

I've been remiss. With all the kitchen construction going on I forgot to give you all a link to one of my top favorite food sites, FOOD52.Senior Editor Kristen Migliore did me the honor and you the kind service of featuring one of my favorite pies on her column Genius Recipes. She included great step by step photos. Blueberries are available virtually all year 'round so you don't have to wait for next summer. click here for the recipe