Bread Primer Launched on Epicurious!

Here it is: all the basic techniques, ingredients, equipment, and recipes for bread baking. I worked with Epicurious for many months to create this useful primer. It just launched today and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you.If you're new to bread baking. this primer will give you a great jump start. If you're already a pro you may learn a few new tricks and recipes.

A Fantastic Holiday Gift from the UK

Dan Lepard, of the Guardian in London, has put together an impressive offering of baking tips from some of my favorite bakers around the world and others whom I'd love to get to know as well! The link to his site is at the very end of this posting.Here's what he wrote to me: "I thought I'd email with some good news, especially with all the bleakness in the world today. I've been thinking, what can I do that's helpful and doesn't cost everyone something? So from Thursday, 20th November, at Guardian Online I've put together an exclusive list of baking tips straight to you from the great bakers of the world: US Shirley O. Corriher Jim Lahey Rose Levy Beranbaum Dorie Greenspan Sarah Phillips David Lebovitz Matt Lewis Jeffrey Hamelman Peter Reinhart UK Yotam Ottolenghi Gerhard Jenne John Rolfe Scotland Robert Winters Catherine Brown Ireland Rachel Allen France Eric Kayser Pascale Weeks Clotilde Dusoulier Fanny Zanotti Sandra Avital Australia & New Zealand Donna Hay John Downes Dean Brettschnieder Canada Elizabeth Baird Cliff Leir Marcy Goldman Norway Gunn Borrowman Sweden Johan Sörberg Jan Hedh Denmark Camilla Plum

"There are some seriously good money-saving ideas, suggestions for getting your cakes, cookies and loaves that bit better, and all you have to do is go to Running at the same time is a competition, no cost to enter, to win a copy of "Cook Simply Everything", the mighty how-to cookbook from Dorling Kindersley with recipes and tips from the likes of Pierre Hermé, Marcus Wareing, Peter Gordon, Charlie Trotter and many more sharing their secrets. Plus, you'll win your own customised recipe from me. The winner will get the flavours they like best crafted into a unique personalized recipe, and I'll make sure it's genuinely special and tested. All you have to do to enter is get a free username and password for and post in the competition thread your useful home baking tip. Now it can be how to save, how to share, whatever you like so long as it's helpful and thoughtful. Last of all, on November 27th, I'm online at for a Winter Baking Q&A session, where you can post you baking questions and hopefully I'll have the answers. Or if I get out of my depth - I know what you bakers are like - I'll find the right expert and try and find the solution."

Hector's Great Video Tape of My Lecture/Demo on Flour

Hector has done a heroic and magnificent job of editing the video tape of my presentation on flour for the NYU Experimental Cuisine Collaborative. It was really a labor of love and he did it for all of you who could not be there and expressed regret at not being able to hear and see it. Now thanks to him you can do both. And thanks to Woody for manning the camera between prepping the cake samples--all those great zooms are his doing!

You can see the video file here. (it's 150 MB, a very big download).

Photos and another copy of the same video are available on Hector's site:

Note re Burger Buns in the Washington Post Today

if you go on line you will find a great article on hamburgers with my recipe for the buns.most of you know this, but i just want to emphasize the importance of using unbleached flour when making bread. bleaching destroys protein which means less gluten development. the bread made with bleached flour will spread sideways and have less height and inferior crumb structure. this info is in the link called "tips to bake like an expert." also be sure to click on the link "best buns aren't in a bag" hope you all try these for your memorial day barbecue!

Web Sites I've Appeared on

Newest to Oldest...May 2006: Kuhn Rikon interviews Rose - March 2006: Three Layer Cake interview - December 2004: Favorite Lemon Butter Bar recipe - November 2003: Chef in Residence on Patricia Rain's website - October 2003: article on Marcy Goldman’s website -